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Our goal is to grow our student’s creativity by encouraging artistic aspirations through a fresh and proficient learning environment. To view all of our active classes, register, or join a waitlist, create a student profile on Jackrabbit.






Classes meet weekly and vary in price based on term length and material. Workshops meet once and are $35.00.

There is a non-refundable fee (included in education fees) if canceled any time after registering. There is a 24-hour “grace period” to cancel with full refund prior to a class or workshop starting.

There will be no refund of any portion of the class fee once a class or workshop has begun.

Classes and workshops are taught by trained instructors who introduce children, teens, and adults to the exciting world of the arts, both performing and visual. Through a varied curriculum, students explore the craft of acting, singing, dancing, improvisation, drawing, and/or portfolio development and learn the discipline of the arts as they develop their unique creative voices. The classes and workshops offered at Woodstock Arts are designed to meet students where they are, regardless of prior experience or skill level.

Woodstock Arts’ Class & Workshop Objectives:
To help students learn skills and build self-confidence.
To help students better understand their role in their craft to build self-reliance.
To encourage students to become participants within local art organizations.
To help students learn to appreciate themselves and others.
To encourage students to learn cooperation and collaboration skills to work with others.
To offer students the opportunity to build relationships with others and create a connection through art.

Teaching vibrancy

Woodstock Arts is proud to offer classes (for both adults and children) that provide training in theatre, performance arts, and visual arts.

We’ve extended our outreach by giving schools opportunities to creatively participate in programming such as RepTouR – a trained group of actors that perform for over 10,000 students every year.

Join us for a four week virtual class all about clay! Two projects are planned for you specifically to learn the basics of clay construction.  We will have plenty of time for questions and answers and learning about each other and clay! Both projects will be fired and glazed and be ready for pick up 2-3 weeks after the final class.
Digital ceramic classes are taught by Woodstock’s own–Betsy Khuri.

Through the medium of oil painting, Chase King teaches expressive, organic, and improvisational painting techniques. In addition, students can expect demonstrations, explanations, encouragement, individual instruction, and a more meaningful understanding and appreciation for creativity and self-expression through visual art.

Ready for an energetic, fun way to learn improv? Over the course of the program teens will learn and continue to improve their understanding of the rules of improv acting and the fun behind improv games. Students will also receive instruction from experienced iThink Improv Troupe members and improvisers.


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